La nostra storia

Dermo-cosmetic and dietary-nutritional products since 1946

Passion and tradition: the adventure, which began in 1946 with a laboratory for the manufacture of special medicinal products, created out of the passion and competence of a young chemist, Attilio Donati, is today a Group that operates internationally using multiple distribution channels in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and dietary-nutritional sectors. The industrial drug remained OFI’s core business until the seventies, and the company produced different types of pharmaceutical preparations, in particular liquids: injectable solutions for hospital use, eye drops, lavages, nasal decongestants, followed later by galenic remedies.
It was Alberto, with a degree in chemistry and pharmaceutical technology, who diversified production, moving the focus from medicines to parapharmaceutical preparations, dietary products and cosmetics and offering OFI new prospects for development. In 1982, the first purpose-built premises were constructed to launch OFI in sectors that were complementary and similar to the pharmaceutical sector in terms of technology: medical-surgical aids, diagnostic products and, above all, cosmetics.
At the end of the eighties and beginning of the nineties, OFI also began manufacturing dietary-nutritional preparations. In July 1994, the new and current premises, situated directly in front of the old factory, another building housing the laboratories, the administrative department and the commercial departments were inaugurated. The rest is happening today.