Perchè scegliere OFI

Working with OFI: full service contract manufacture

Working with OFI means wanting to create dermo-cosmetic products and medical devices in tune with market needs, which answer the expressed and unexpressed requirements of final users, within the intimate sector of personal care and care of appearance and wellbeing.

From an idea to the finished product

OFI follows the customer from the moment of the business idea through formulation of the product and its feasibility, to full-service contract manufacturing.

Strategic marketing

OFI can extend its services to developing the actual brand, thereby participating in the process of strategic marketing that places the product into the hands of the consumer: name and character of the brand, packaging and presence at the sales point.
In short, OFI can be a partner not only in terms of production and connected aspects but can also work alongside the Customer as he develops a new product and pursues his business plan.

Commercial strategy

The search for raw materials, their availability and compatibility with the product are the premise for a “personalized agreement”.
Scientific assessments and market prospects are intertwined: the chosen solution is an optimal certainty when one can decide between all the possibilities offered: dietary products, drinkable supplements, capsules, tablets and cosmetics.