Capacità produttiva

Production capacity characterized by quality and innovation

Small or large production runs? The quantities do not change the accuracy, precision and intrinsic quality of the product and the reliability of times. OFI’s production capacity is demonstrated by its technological equipment and undisputed reputation on the market.
Dermo-cosmetic companies that want “Made in Italy” products can count on the support of five manufacturing units.

Numbers and figures: OFI's manufacturing potential

Dermo-cosmetic production

Production capacity/day
12,000 kg of semi-finished products
Total pieces/day
100,000 tubes, bottles, pots

Dietary-nutritional production: bottles

Production capacity/day
5,000 litres
Total pieces/day
300,000 single-dose phials/day
50,000 multi-dose bottles/day

Dietary-nutritional production: capsules

Total pieces/day
600,000 capsules in hard gelatine/day
600,000 tablets, blister packs/day