Contract manufacturing of Dermo-Cosmetic products, Medical Devices and Nutritional Supplements

OFI carries out a complete contract manufacturing cycle from conception to production, and offers a full service, which includes research and formulation, purchase and control of raw materials, preparations, quality controls, filling with packaging storage service, assistance and after-sales training.

Production of Medical devices

OFI is specialized in the development and production of Class I, IIA, IIB and III Medical Devices.

Manufacture of Dermo-cosmetics

OFI is the ideal partner for major players in the sector: attention to the quality of the formulations, certified production processes, search for raw materials of high quality, expertise and unique skills, particular focus on efficiency and on the skin compatibility of the dermo-cosmetic products. These are the main ingredients of a successful formula.

Manufacture of Dietary-Nutritional Supplements

OFI develops and produces dietary supplements of quality, paying maximum attention to conformity and nutritional characteristics and taking particular care of the health and wellbeing of the body and the harmony with vital processes.