Production of dermatological lines for specific body treatments

For many years OFI has been a leading company in the development and manufacture of dermo-cosmetic products for specific body treatments, which are produced in various containers: pots, tubes, bottles and airless bottles of various shapes and sizes.

The special formulations used in OFI’s dermatological lines developed for specific body treatments have been designed to target the needs of men and women with problems caused by aging, by the action of external chemical agents, by various disorders of the body, the intake of medicines, excessive tiredness and stress.
OFI’s dermo-cosmetic preparations are a perfect combination of technology and respect for the skin’s natural balance, helping to achieve exceptional results.

OFI develops and manufactures a range of specific dermo-cosmetic products for the treatment of :

  • localized fat deposits and cellulite
  • stretch marks and tissue slackening
  • anti-age products for mature skin