Dermatological lines for the treatment of impure skin

For years, OFI’s laboratories have been at the forefront of the manufacture of dermo-cosmetic treatments that are specifically developed for oily skin to reduce the blemishes caused by impure skin prone to acne.

Shiny appearance, oily to the touch, with dilated pores, spots and blackheads. Seborrhoeic skin, commonly known as oily skin, appears porous, not compact and greasy. Localized impurities are located on the face, especially in the “T” zone (chin, nose and forehead) – problems that have a considerable psychological impact.
Specific treatments for sebaceous hypersecretion are aimed at oily skin, which is rich in fluid sebum, visibly shiny and with dilated pores, but also at asphyxial skin which instead appears waxy due to hardened sebum that collects in the follicles and obstructs them giving rise to blackheads.