Dermo-cosmetic production for sun protection

For years OFI has been a leading company in Italy for the contract manufacture of cosmetics for sun protection..

In market psychology, European Union recommendations concerning dermo-cosmetic products for sun exposure protection already carry the weight and authority of the law.

Expert contract manufacture and cosmetic consultancy
The new EU numbering system for sun protection factors (SPF) and correct UVA/UVB ratios, i.e. the ability to defend us against the damage caused by the sun’s rays, together with the ban on claims such as “sun blocker” and “total protection”, make an honest approach with the consumer even more complex. OFI not only develops and manufactures products for third parties, it also assists the customer in product preparation and validation.
The collaboration with primary university institutions and constant research and international monitoring work are a guarantee for assessing the actual protection offered by dermo-compatible sun filters on healthy subjects and the exact determination of protection factors.