Dermo-cosmetic production: hair care lines

On the basis of the specific needs and requests of customers, OFI laboratories develop and manufacture hair care lines for hair loss prevention, dandruff prevention, dry and damaged hair and greasy hair.

OFI develops and manufactures innovative hair care lines, formulated to combat hair loss, cytostimulate the bulb, protect the cuticle and purify and normalize the sebum on the skin of the scalp in order to achieve correct and balanced capillary function.
Hair is an expression of beauty that is directly correlated the state of health and psychological and physical equilibrium of the person. A strategy consisting of specific treatments cannot be a replacement for adequately protecting the hair against atmospheric agents and smog, which on a daily and repeated basis have damaging effects on our cellular system, causing dehydration, alterations in the dense architecture of the external cuticle, weakness and oxidation. Since hair grows rapidly, it needs to be in good condition to ensure satisfactory and regular growth.

OFI is specialized in the production of specific hair care product lines for :

  • preventing hair loss
  • combating and preventing dandruff
  • strengthening dry and damaged hair
  • greasy hair