Production of moisturizing and nourishing product lines for the treatment of specific areas.

Specialist expertise in pharmaceutical techniques has enabled OFI to develop a line of dermatological products for moisturizing and nourishing specific parts of the body.

Often the hands, breasts, legs and feet are areas more difficult to treat in a targeted and effective way. These specific parts of the body are constantly subjected to the effects of external agents, such as the cold, sun, wind and humidity or, for example, are affected by blemishes caused by pregnancy or sudden changes in weight.
For the localized treatment of these specific parts of the body, OFI is able to supply a complete line of dermo-cosmetic products with nourishing and moisturizing properties and firming and plumping action, which are ideal, for example, in the targeted treatment of the hands and breasts.

OFI develops and manufactures a range of dermo-cosmetic products that are specific for:

  • the treatment and daily care of the hands
  • the treatment of the shape, volume and tone of the breasts
  • the treatment of venous insufficiency in the legs
  • the treatment of rough and hard skin on the feet

OFI’s dermo-cosmetic products for specific body treatments are available in various types of container: pot, tube, bottle and airless container, in various shapes and sizes.