Contract Manufacturing of Dietary-Nutritional Supplements

OFI's laboratories develop and supply dietary-nutritional products and supplements, paying attention to nutritional conformity and to the search for increasingly new formulas of quality.

For years, the contract manufacturing and private labels production of dietary-nutritional supplements has been one of OFI's sectors of excellence.
OFI develops quality supplements and nutritional products paying attention to nutritional conformity and taking an interest in the health of the body and the harmony of vital processes.
The search for new active ingredients and excipients and the study of formulas are perfected by collating information with international databases, specialized laboratories of University Institutions and Consulting Services directly connected to National and International Regulatory Health Organizations.

We can say that supplements have become protagonists on the stage of everyday life.
Dietary supplementation plays an active role in promoting individual wellbeing and in fulfilling a personal daily health plan. Over the past few years, there has been a surge in the popularity of supplementation strategies and treatments with a multi-factorial approach, which focus on psycho-physical wellbeing but also take into consideration a correct diet and regular physical activity.
OFI is specialized in the contract manufacture of a range of dietary-nutritional supplements specifically created for:

  • re-balancing intestinal eubiosis
  • combating intestinal fatigue
  • combating increases in weight
  • purifying, by using highly draining purifying supplements
  • enhancing nutrition, growth and the vital activities of organic tissues
  • countering gastric hyperacidity and mucosal damage
  • increasing the resistance of the body to stress and fatigue
  • enhancing the microcirculation at a cerebral level with effects on the memory
  • stimulating and boosting the immune system
  • providing antioxidant substances to combat free radicals
  • countering repeated bacterial urinary infections
  • anthraquinonic activity useful for promoting physiological intestinal function
  • countering and combating anxiety and insomnia
  • diminishing oxidative damage to the eyes
  • providing adequate protection to cartilaginous tissues
  • stabilizing hormonal and metabolic balance during the menopause

Supplements in capsule and tablet form

Thanks to the Oral Solid Form Division, a very recent department with air filtration and suction systems, considerable impetus has been given to the production of supplements in the dietary-nutritional sector, helping the expansion of OFI into all dosage forms in the dietary field, using the most advanced processes of granulation, compression and film-coating of pills and tablets .

Drinkable dietary-nutritional supplements

A leading company in the production of liquid dietary-nutritional supplements, OFI is assisted in the manufacture of single-dose or multi-dose syrups by latest generation systems.
For multi-dose syrups, an innovative reservoir cap technique keeps the liquid phase separate from the solid phase, enabling complete control of cross-contamination.