Dietary-nutritional supplements containing fibre

OFI produces dietary-nutritional supplements containing fibre which promote antioxidant, anti-aging and digestive activity.
Modern dietary supplementation uses fibre to counter intestinal fatigue, constipation and slow digestive system motility and even promote the restoration of natural microflora.
Dietary fibre is not a single substance but an extremely complex mixture of different polysaccharides, such as celluloses, hemicelluloses, pectins, gums, mucilages, galactomannans, betaglucans, algal polysaccharides (agar and carrageenan) and lignin, a constituent of the support skeleton of fruit, vegetables, cereals, legumes and seeds.
These ingredients are both soluble and/or insoluble and bring undisputed benefits to gastrointestinal disorders such as tension, bloating and flatulence.