Dietary-nutritional supplements for weight control

OFI's dietary-nutritional production is constantly oriented towards continuous scientific research. For this reason we are the ideal partner for developing a product that is truly “tailor made” and answers the needs of the customer. We work together with our customers from the conception stage, through to storage of the final product.

Poor dietary habits, for example hypercaloric diets, too many fats, excess sodium intake, irregular meals, not enough fruit and vegetables, lack of exercise, yo-yo effects caused by out of control “do-it-yourself” diets, insufficient capillary microcirculation, inefficient lymphatic drainage with a difficulty in eliminating toxins and reducing oedema, stress that affects the adrenal glands and the skin and may also induce overeating, are all conditions found in today’s society.
The dietary supplements for weight control developed by OFI are useful preparations for combating increases in weight. They demonstrate a synergy of action connected to the properties of the active ingredients which have lipolytic, draining action and aid trophism of the microcirculation.