Dietary-nutritional supplements for intestinal flora

Flexibility and attention to quality make OFI the ideal partner in the contract manufacture of dietary-nutritional supplements, such as, for example, those indicated for enhancing the intestinal bacterial flora.

The intensification of applied research, particularly in the field of nutrition, has lead to the typification and in-depth functional research of many new strains of microorganisms that make up the
human body’s health-promoting probiotic flora.
The principal biological activity attributed to these is the restoration of intestinal eubiosis by rebalancing the microbial flora and reducing infective phenomena, the reduction in infections in urinary and vaginal tracts, the modulation of immune responses and the reduction in allergic reactivity.
Dietary supplements for intestinal flora are available in bottles, capsules and sachets and are particularly recommended for treating and preventing diarrhoea following antibiotic treatment.