From contract manufacturing to logistics: Full Service, alongside the customer

The whole OFI’s process of private labels and contract manufacturing is made up with activities which take place inside three adjoining facilities which house the departments of direction and management, research and development, production, quality control and storage.
OFI’s production plants are able to satisfy the most diverse operating requirements and quantities: from half-scale and pilot production to the manufacture of several tonnes.

OFI’s Full Service enables customers to leave their packaging material, plan production and keep stocks of finished products at the OFI premises, and also use the warehouse for their company outsourcing purposes.
The frequency of checks and stock reports provide customers with guarantees that their material is being stored correctly. Nine members of staff work in the warehouse, in four separate and covered storage facilities: 1,000 square metres for raw materials, 3,500 for empty packaging, 500 for semi-finished products and 1,500 for finished products in a mobile, full automated warehouse.

Being a partner of the customer also means sharing the logistics of time and space, being a direct extension of all processes involved and making structures and organizations available with the relative professional resources.