“Care and prevention are a gesture of love for yourself, taking care of your skin is part of a proper daily prevention. It helps to relieve stress, reconciling us with the world because it takes on a “proactive” meaning in accompanying us to inexorable passing of time, without suffering the discomfort.”


OFI represents the trusted partner for the major players in cosmetic sector.

Experience and specialist expertise in the creation of cosmetic products for face, body and hair health, as well as treatments to protect the skin from the aging signs at all ages.

OFI is not limited to design and executive outsourcing, but provides continuous assistance to the customer, both in the development phase of the product and in its realization and validation.

OFI is able to guarantee a full service with production, filling and packaging of creams and gels in single-dose and multi-dose packaging, while also proposing the study and development of new design ideas for packaging creativity.

For years O.F.I. has been active in the study and research of more sustainable packaging and innovative materials, use, consumption and reuse of products with a view to expanding the product life process. O.F.I. offers green, reusable, recycled materials with a view to creating increasingly sustainable and innovative products also from the point of view of environmental impact.

Furthermore, the collaboration with leading university institutes and constant international monitoring and research work represent a further guarantee for the evaluation of the efficacy and safety of the preparations.


OFI is at the forefront in the contract design and production of dermo-cosmetic products. Through certified production processes and working methods, OFI is able to provide the customer with high quality products, dermatologically tested, composed of raw materials and ingredients subjected to strict chemical-physical and microbiological controls.

O.F.I. in its perspective of offering a FULL SERVICE structure has specialized in the production of dermo-cosmetic products in many forms and types of packaging:

  • Face products
  • Body products
  • Sun products
  • Haircare products
  • Facial Cleansing products
  • New hybrid and innovative forms

O.F.I. produces a wide range of dermo-cosmetic lines for the specific treatment of all skin types according to innovative criteria that respect the natural balance of the epidermis.

OFI creates the right product for every skin type: pharmaceutical expertise and experience allow the development of innovative dermo-cosmetic solutions designed specifically for the treatment of all skin types and needs.

“The skin is a barrier, which defends us from environmental and mechanical aggressions thanks to the particular structure of the stratum corneum, similar to a wall, in which the cells are the bricks and the cement are the intercellular substances. When the skin is excessively dry or dermatitis is present, the “wall” loses compactness, no longer retains water since the “cement” that holds them together is lost between the cells: ceramides, cholesterol, essential fatty acids. The alteration of the skin barrier exposes the skin to greater risks of inflammation, infections, allergies.”


OFI has been a leader in the creation and production of specific dermo-cosmetic products for the body, available in different size including jars, tubes, bottles and airless of various shapes and capacities.

The special formulations for specific body treatment, have been designed to respond in a targeted way to the needs of women and men struggling with problems deriving from aging, from the action of external chemical agents, from pathologies of the organism, intake of medications, excessive fatigue and stress.

OFI dermo-cosmetic preparations represent a perfect combination of technology and respect for the natural balance of the skin to achieve exceptional results.


OFI has been the Italian leader in the contract manufacturing of sun protection.

Treatments for skin care under the sun, in accordance with the most up-to-date European legislation.

The company has also promoted an integrated plan for the development of innovative formulations that are increasingly sustainable and with ocean-friendly ingredients.

O.F.I.’s scientific research continues to investigate all these issues together with in-depth studies on nanomaterials and suspected endocrine disruptors in order to ensure sun protection product with ingredients that are safe for the consumer and the environment.

For example, using physical filters or innovative, natural and sustainable ingredients such as algae.

Algae have different biological activities: in addition to the absorption of UV rays, they have antioxidant and anti-aging properties. They are easy to cultivate and the technologies to obtain the active ingredients are innovative and low cost. For these reason they represent a sustainable source of active and green ingredients.


“Hair is an expression of beauty that can be directly correlated to the state of health and psycho-physical balance of the person. A strategy made up of specific interventions must protect against atmospheric agents and smog, responsible for daily and repeated attacks on our cellular system such as dehydration, alteration of the dense architecture of the external cuticle, weakening, oxidation. Since hair is a rapidly growing structure, it needs a good condition and vitality to achieve satisfactory and regular development.”

O.F.I. designs and manufactures innovative trichological lines, formulated to counteract hair loss, cytostimulate the bulb, protect the cuticle, purify and sebum normalize the scalp skin in order to obtain a correct and balanced capillary function.


O.F.I.’s dermo-cosmetic production also includes products for body, personal care and intimate hygiene, prepared through technologically advanced tests and experiments, but at the same time formulated with ingredients and criteria capable of respecting the physiological balance of the epidermis.

O.F.I. laboratories have studied and created specific formulations and products that contain extremely delicate, non-ionic, non-aggressive surfactants (SLS and SLES free), with softening extracts and marked acid pH.


O.F.I. has always been committed to trying to create new innovative cosmetic forms with the creation of advanced sensory textures and unique and trendy products.

O.F.I. has also created hybrid and revolutionary products, mixing skincare and make-up, creating new cosmetic frontiers with new indefinable and unique products. Last but not least, O.F.I.  has filed industrial patents on its innovations.

But not only that,  R&D laboratories challenge each other every day in the design of innovative textures, increasingly sustainable and green products, with the creation of edible or solid products without packaging and therefore with reduced environmental impact, with shorter INCI and more functional with a view to Clean Beauty.

What will be the next innovative frontier discovered by OFI?

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