Cosmetics, Medical devices, Food supplements: Three production areas, infinite possibilities of innovation.

Since 1946, O.F.I. is one of the leading companies in the creation and production of dermo-cosmetic, dietary-food supplements and medical devices.

Quality, reliability and strong innovative propulsion are the strengths recognized by the market and by operators in the sector.

O.F.I.   is chosen for its laboratories and the expertise of its employees, to carry out intensive research and development, but above all for its unique ability in the sector to propose innovative ideas, unique solutions and products of the future. O.F.I.  is in a continuous exploration of unprecedented technological hypotheses and those avant-garde textures that give the new products an extraordinary appeal.


O.F.I.  is specialized in the production of multiple shapes and types of packaging: bottles, stickpacks, sachets, biphasic and triphasic vials, jars, tubes, airless, capsules and tablets etc …

OFI is committed to the study of innovative packaging and materials, with a view to integrated sustainability by looking for recyclable, sustainable materials and new innovative forms of packaging that anticipate trends.

Food supplements

OFI laboratories develop and supply Dietary Food Supplements in contract manufacturing with particular attention to nutritional compliance, always looking for new and quality formulas.

The contract manufacturing of dietary supplements is one of the O.F.I.’s leading area.

OFI develops quality dietary foods supplements, with attention to nutritional compliance, with focus in body and life processes, health and harmony.

O.F.I. ‘s dietary-food production is constantly oriented towards continuous scientific research: this is why O.F.I. is considered the ideal partner for the development of a product that is truly “tailor-made” and meets the customer’s needs.

Medical devices

OFI is specialized in the contract manufacturing production of Medical Devices class I, IIA, IIB and III, offering a wide range of medical devices ready to be placed on the market in out licensing with the customer’s brand.

The production is focused on specific types of medical devices that are very useful for the treatment of particular symptoms and disorders and are designed to respond effectively and innovatively to health problems.

OFI carried out the Medical Device contract manufacturing through a highly strict and controlled process, in order to guarantee the maximum effectiveness and safety of the product.


OFI represents the trusted partner for the major players in cosmetic sector: attention to the quality of the formulas, certified manufacturing processes, searching for high quality raw materials, unique expertise and skills, in particular with regard to the effectiveness and skin compatibility of dermo cosmetics. These are the main ingredients of a successful formula.

Experience and specialist expertise stand out in the production of cosmetic treatment for face, body and hair wellness.

Care and prevention are a gesture of love for yourself, taking care of your skin is part of a proper daily prevention. It helps to relieve stress, reconciling us with the world because it takes on a “proactive” meaning in accompanying us to inexorable passing of time, without suffering the discomfort.