Full Service

From idea generation to production

Since 1946 O.F.I. has been one of the leader company in the creation, development and Contract Manufacturing of Food supplements, Medical Devices and Dermo-Cosmetics products.

For over 75 years, O.F.I. is a key partner to its customer, contributing to their success with a FULL SERVICE activity: from the idea generation to production

Being a partner of the customer also means sharing the logistics of time and space, being a direct extension of all processes involved and making structures and organizations available with the relative professional resources. O.F.I.’s continuous innovation, quality and proactive research have made it a landmark company in the development and manufacturing of Health-Care and Beauty Care products.

“Imagination, History and Science at the Customer’s Service”

OFI full service structure

Formulation research and development

The research and development laboratories are the place where creativity and knowledge of new market trends meet the experience and specialist skills in pharmaceutical technology.

O.F.I. is chosen for its laboratories and its employees expertise, to carry out intensive research and development and to drive innovation together, unceasingly exploring new valid opportunities for development and diversification.

Marketing consultancy

O.F.I. can extend its service to the creation of the brand itself, participating in the strategic marketing effort that leads the product into the hands of the consumer: brand name and personality, packaging and presence at the point of sale.

O.F.I. can be the partner not only for production and the aspects connected to it, but can support the customer while innovating and while pursuing his business plan.

Regulatory affairs service

O.F.I. is able to support its customers in defining the regulatory strategy, during the different design and development phases for placing the product on the market.

The Regulatory service is specialized in identifying, together with the customer, the ideal path to successfully access the European and International markets.


O.F.I. beating heart: skills and technologies come together to give life to UNIQUE and Innovative products

EXPERTISE, KNOW HOW AND PASSION: OFI boasts a historical experience, with the aim of exporting the "Made in Italy" and the envied "Italian Style of Life" in the world.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance: each phase of the production cycle undergoes to a strict chemical-physical and microbiological control: from the raw material, to the semi-finished product, from filling to packaging.

The certainty of quality is a proven demonstrated during the stages of research, production, control, observance of the quantities and the agreed times.

Warehouse and logistics service

  • 6,500 square meters of warehouses divided into the three factories
  • Computerized warehouse management
  • Humidity and temperature controlled warehouses
  • Customer Materials Stocking
  • Fully Robotic Warehouses
  • Automated pallet change systems in compliance with the pharmaceutical standard

After sales assistance

  • Total traceability of the product from raw materials to the finished product even after being placed on the market
  • Production of Customs Documents
  • Complete after-sales assistance
  • Back office activities
  • Forecast scheduling
  • Customer material management in warehouses