Science, History, Imagination, the OFI’s cornerstones 

Strong scientific research, historicity and creativity for the development of more innovative products

Not just suppliers but Partners- No Italian word can describe, in the way the English word partnership can, that blend of alliance, collaboration, affinity and mutual intentions that produce incisive and long-lasting results.

Partnership above all is believe in the same values. It is a mutual unwavering desire to offer the market the maximum quality possible, in a healthy operating economy with correct commercial development.
It is sharing, from the very first time, an entrepreneurial idea. It is making available scientific expertise and the technological tools to pursue it. It is facing the problems of distribution and consumption together. 

OFI is the external planning and production resource for companies operating in the cosmetic and food supplements area. Working with O.F.I. means wanting to create dermo-cosmetic products, food supplements and medical devices in synergy with the market needs, responding to the expressed and unexpressed end user needs, in an intimate sphere such as personal care and well-being.

“We make your dreams come true. Your dreams feed our work, to make all your wishes come true with advanced technologies”

The beginning of a dream

A dream, the idea, a family. The dream is those of the chemist Attilio Donati; the idea is to understand the need and importance of creating an activity in the pharmaceutical sector in our country, at the end of the war period; the family is that of Attilio and his son Alberto Donati, still fully committed to OFI. 

On January 16, 1946, Officina Farmaceutica Italiana born after having obtained the license for the production of medicinal specialties.

The industrial drug remained the OFI core business until the seventies, with preparations of different pharmaceutical types, first of all liquids: injectable solutions for hospital use, eye drops, nasal decongestants, also followed by galenic remedies.

OFI is the life project of Attilio Donati and his family. His son Alberto, committed in the company for 50 years, represents its continuity and consolidation.

Alberto Donati, graduate in chemistry and pharmaceutical technology, is who diversifies production, shifting the focus from drugs to parapharmaceutical, dietary and cosmetics preparations, offering OFI new development prospects. 

In 1982 the first production site was built, specially designed to launch OFI in sectors that are complementary and similar to the pharmaceutical one: medical-surgical aids, diagnostics and above all cosmetics.

Between the end of the eighties and the beginning of the nineties, the production of dietary-food preparations also began within OFI.

In July 1994 the new and current factory was inaugurated and in 2001, just opposite the existing one, a further building was built, which houses the laboratories, the administrative department and the commercial divisions.

In recent years, OFI has focused above all on the development of foreign markets, on the investment of cutting-edge systems and technologies and on the continuous Research and Development of innovative solutions and unique products that create trends on world markets.

The company has also become a promoter and exporter all over the world of the famous “Made in Italy” and refined “Italian Style”. 

Sustainability and Certifications

A founding pillar of OFI’s activity

Product quality, but at the same time respect for the environment and territory: OFI has also fully obtained the UNI EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification.

OFI also adheres to the international voluntary “Responsible Care” program, which oversees the implementation of principles and behaviors regarding employee health and safety and environmental protection.