Food supplements

Food supplementation plays an active role in promoting individual well-being and in fulfilling a personal daily health plan. In recent years, integration and treatment strategies have had a great boost with a multifactorial approach that aims at psychophysical without ignore a correct diet and regular physical activity.


OFI laboratories develop and supply Dietary Food Supplements in contract manufacturing in several forms and types of packaging with particular attention to nutritional compliance, always looking for new and quality formulas.

The contract manufacturing of dietary supplements is one of the O.F.I.’s leading area. OFI develops quality dietary foods supplements, with attention to nutritional compliance, with focus in body and life processes, and on health and harmony. 

The search for new active ingredients and excipients and the formulistic study are improved in association with international databases, specialized laboratories of University Institutions and Consulting Services directly connected to National and International Health Regulatory Bodies.

OFI is specialized in the contract manufacture of a range of dietary-nutritional supplements specifically created for:

  • Pediatric products
  • Immune system
  • Gastroenterology
  • Gynecology
  • Neurology
  • Respiratory tract
  • Vitamins, Minerals, Energetics, Tonics and Antioxidants
  • Sport
  • Dermatology
  • Beauty
  • Cardiology
  • Orthopedics
  • Woman wellbeing
  • Metabolic / detox syndrome and weight control

OFI in its perspective of offering a FULL SERVICE activity  has specialized in the production of food supplements in many forms and types of packaging


A leading company in the production of liquid dietary-nutritional supplements, O.F.I. is assisted in the manufacture of single-dose or multi-dose products by latest generation systems.
For multi-dose products, an innovative reservoir cap technique keeps the liquid phase separate from the solid phase, enabling complete control of cross-contamination.

LIQUID STICKPACK: the innovative single-dose

Thanks to the ease of use, convenience and ease of emptying, the drinkable stick packs meet the basic requirements of the most modern “convenience” packs.
Ready-to-drink supplements at any time of the day, ideal supplements for the individual consumer but also for the whole family, practical supplements packable in boxes of 10-14 sticks but also up to 30 single-dose sachets.

LIQUID STICKPACK: Ready to drink, always with you!
Liquid Stick pack is the new trend of single-dose drink ideal for small and medium dosages (filling quantities from 10 to 15 ml).

The complete emptying of residues, the easy intake without the need for a glass, the small size that allows you to keep the product in a handbag or pocket, the low environmental impact once the wrapper is thrown away, make this type of packaging increasingly appreciated by consumers.


OFI pushes itself every day in the search for pure innovation, trying to anticipate market trends or even creating new consumer trends, always looking for products with new formulas, applications and new packaging.

The recent new propositive launches are hybrid and intelligent formulations that “self-transform” such as stickpack in liquid form becomes iced (or icepop) or of new textures such as supplements in emulsion, in gel or gelatinous format.

Supplements transform and evolve, they are no longer just pills but real moments of pleasure, as well as being useful for health and well-being: like emulsions that look like desserts, gels that look like jellies, or liquids that are increasingly Functional drinks.

All superfoods for health and well-being, supplements good to drink and eat representing a new era in nutritional supplementation and wellness consumption.


Thanks to a very recent department with air suction and filtration systems, the Oral Solid Forms Division has given considerable improvement to the production of supplements in the dietary-food sector.
Favoring the expansion of O.F.I. in all forms of intake in the dietary field, with the most advanced processes of granulation, compressing and filming of capsules and tablets packed in blisters, pill containers, jars and sachets.


OFI specializes in the production of probiotic-based food supplements.

The Research and Development laboratories have been able to create innovative formulas based on probiotic species with proven scientific evidence for specific therapeutic areas.

The result is the creation of innovative formulas that use probiotics in synergy with functional ingredients and active ingredients not only for well-being and daily integration but also for the disorders treatment.

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