Pre&probiotic cream shortlisted for CosmoTrends report 2022 at Cosmoprof Asia!

29 Novembre 2022 -  OFI S.p.A.

The CosmoTrends report has become the reference point for buyers, bloggers, influencers, journalists and experts to be up to date with the market trends in different beauty categories.

Our product is also showcased at the CosmoTrends installation at Cosmoprof Asia in Singapore, along with only other 19 shortlisted companies worldwide.

This new extraordinary face emulsion is a revitalizing Face Cream for the Protection and Rebalancing of the microbiome.

Formulated with Prebiotics, Betaglucans that promote skin protection, and Probiotics, consisting of a complex of enzymes that help maintain the balance of the microbiota.
It helps strengthen the skin barrier and protects the skin from harmful external agents.

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