Formulation research and development

The research and development laboratories are the place where creativity and knowledge of new market trends meet the experience and specialist skills in pharmaceutical technology.

O.F.I.  is chosen for its laboratories and its employees expertise, to carry out intensive research and development and to drive innovation together, unceasingly exploring new valid opportunities for development and diversification.

  • Study and research of new raw materials
  • Creation of new formulations
  • Continuous study and research of innovative textures and new aromas
  • Searching for new packaging and applications
  • Primary and secondary packaging compatibility studies

The same way of approaching the customer, but two distinct sites of research: a scientific manager with his staff and his equipment for food supplement as well as for cosmetics area.

Both laboratories adopt a discipline deriving from historical experience that originates in pharmaceutical culture and technique, to be used according to the qualitative-quantitative formulations, the active ingredients, the availability and cost of raw materials.