quali sono gli alimenti antiossidanti

The nutritional superiority of coloured fruits and vitamins

12 October 2021 -  OFI S.p.A.

An intake of plant-based antioxidant substances is essential in the human diet to counter the damage that free radicals progressively inflict on our bodies. These must be a necessary supplement to the natural cellular systems already present in our bodies, which are involved in cellular detoxification. The lipid components, particularly those that make up the nucleus and cell membranes, are the structures most exposed to damage from free made are subjected to a process of decomposition that can alter the functionality of the membrane.

In young people, free radicals are blocked by a complex system of antioxidants; with the passing of time, however, this action becomes less efficient, so that when radical production gets the upper hand, so- called oxidative stress takes hold.  Oxidative stress is defined as the “imbalance between the reactive oxygen species and antioxidant defence mechanisms, to the detriment of the latter”.

When your body is subjected to stress, it cannot neutralize the excessive level of free radicals that accumulate, thus these highly reactive substances are free to act, causing irreversible damage.

The effects include an acceleration in the physiological process of ageing, as well as other numerous correlated diseases and diseases of the cardiocirculatory system (high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, stroke and heart attack.)

A healthy diet is indispensable

The concentration of antioxidants in human tissues depends on and varies according to diet

Generally speaking, therefore, following a diet rich in antioxidants is very useful for slowing down degenerative processes and favoring good metabolic activity.

The importance of vitamins in the diet is vital;  vitamin such as ascorbic acid (vitamin C), tocopherols (vitamin E) and provitamins such as the carotenoids: beta-carotene, (provitamin A), lycopene, coenzyme Q10. Vitamin A and Vitamin E are chain “interrupters” able to block radical propagation chain reactions, while vitamin C acts both as a scavenger of reactive species and as a regenerator of other antioxidants such as tocopherol.

Over the last 15 years the international scientific community has turned to in-depth studies on the antioxidant power of numerous compounds, other than vitamins, contained in vegetables, and in accordance with the results examined by researchers, foods have been divided into three groups based on their antioxidant power measured in ORAC units (up to 500 ORAC per portion, up to 1000 etc…).

In first place we find ‘dark-colored fruit’ and ‘red fruit’.

These fruits are in a class of foods that have undergone in-depth phytochemical testing due to the very high concentration and therapeutic value of their polyphenols.

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