cosmetici con probiotici

Probiotics Cosmetics: new (healthy) trend

Cosmetics with probiotics have become increasingly popular in recent years. Probiotics are live microorganisms that are believed to have health benefits when consumed or applied topically. In cosmetics, probiotics are often used to promote a healthy microbiome on the skin, which can help to improve overall skin health. Some of the benefits that cosmetics with … Read more

The nutritional superiority of coloured fruits and vitamins

An intake of plant-based antioxidant substances is essential in the human diet to counter the damage that free radicals progressively inflict on our bodies. These must be a necessary supplement to the natural cellular systems already present in our bodies, which are involved in cellular detoxification. The lipid components, particularly those that make up the … Read more

ICEPOP Innovation, a tasty iced-popsicle nutraceutical

What does “Innovation” means? It means finding new paths, new unexplored ways, new findings that lead to a general improvement. Innovation is also implanting and launching new, enhanced and better products. In the dietary supplements and wellness industry means also finding new way of taking and assuming nutraceuticals, which provide a beneficial effects to consumers … Read more

O.F.I. new patent

New Patent for the O.F.I cosmetic innovation  A new cosmetic concept is born, from now on we no longer talk about face care and make-up separately but there are products that do both: they make up and take care of our skin Skincare and Make-Up merge, creating “SKIN UP”, unique and hybrid products that combine … Read more